Ratio Christi (a Student Apologetics Alliance) seeks to encourage and strengthen the faith of Christian students at secular and liberal institutions across the country, while also sharing Christ’s message and love to those that have yet to receive it, through the use of intellectual investigation and apologetics.

Ratio Christi believes that Christians have failed to address the pressing questions of worldview, science, philosophy, history, etc. Consequently, the Secular Humanist worldview has overtaken the university and the minds of students. By situating apologetic clubs at universities across the nation, we hope to take part in the battle for the mind, and begin to reverse the Humanist trend of thought by providing and equipping students with the answers, or means of getting the answers, to the pressing questions of life.


Ratio Christi (Latin for ‘The Reason of Christ’) is a non-profit, tax exempt organization (501c3) which seeks to place apologetics clubs at secular and liberal universities across the nation. These chapters have weekly meetings where students can wrestle with ideas relating to the intellectual credibility of Christianity. Scripture commands us not only to develop our heart, but also our minds (Matt 22:37), and Ratio Christi seeks to help university students fulfill this commandment.


Simply put – A Renaissance of Christian Thinking in the UniversityWe want to re-establish a strong and reasoned presence of Christian thinking in academia.

Our vision is to place apologetics clubs at all major universities. Situating Ratio Christi chapters at universities across the country is an important step in reversing the skepticism that permeates most educational institutions. We desire to partner in taking back the mind of the University for Christ. By equipping Christian students with answers, and/or the means of getting answers, to the questions that shape our worldview, we believe many students will not only hold onto a faith that they might otherwise abandon, but they will also begin to stand up for Christianity when it comes under fire in the classroom.

The vision includes providing a safe and charitable venue for atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and adherents to any religion to investigate the claims of Christianity, discuss religious beliefs, and seek truth without fearing reprisal. While this is a distinctly Christian organization, any student is able to become a member and learn, debate, and explore the connection of faith and reason.

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