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Mission Trip Highlights


Those who walk with God always reach their destination!

Since this was my second trip to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico I knew what to expect. I came prepared with extra blankets for when it gets cold at night, a toolbelt with a hammer, and the determination to build a house! I thought I was prepared for what God had to throw at us, but boy did he throw some curveballs our way! From sleeping on a bus on the side of a highway for 6 hours, being stranded in Truth and Consequences, New Mexico, to squishing 31 people into two 15 passenger vans! And this was all before we even made it across the border!

We did eventually make it to Mexico and it was once again, breathtaking. It is incredible that there can be such poverty in such a gorgeous place. The family we built the house for was living in a camper– if you could even call it that. It was extremely small, had broken windows, and was completely run down. The house that we built in 3 days meant everything to this young mom and her two sons, and seeing that in person from start to finish is really something! I’m so blessed to have been a part of it.

While we might have spent more time getting to and from Mexico, I would go back in a heartbeat. Doing God’s work is always worth it! Those who walk with God always reach their destination. Although, you might learn along the way that sometimes the journey is the best part!


Going to a different country can be scary. Trying something new can be scary. Sometimes, God asks us to do scary things for the good of His people, but we can take comfort in the fact that God will never ask us to do anything we can’t handle. That was a principle that I was able to learn for myself as I got to travel to Mexico and put my whole heart into serving and loving a family there that needed our help. This trip was an incredible experience that changed me for the better. While in Mexico, I was able to truly see the hand of God working through us to serve His children and see firsthand what that love and service can do for someone who needs it. Without God’s loving hand, there is no way I could have built a house and worked all day in the desert heat (especially not after sleeping in a tent for very few hours a night). However, through Him, we can do anything, even the scary things.

I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to spend my Spring Break serving others. I hope to take what I learned about selflessness and service in Mexico, and apply it to the way I view others everyday. We are all God’s children. We all have something special to offer Him. There are opportunities to serve other all around us –we only need to accept God’s call.


The people, the church, and the community in Puerto, Peñasco are just amazing I am always blown away by the families we build for and the surrounding community. They are so strong in their faith, they have very little and do not complain. For most of us here in the U.S., the homes we live in are clean, we have food in the fridge, and sometimes I catch myself complaining and taking things for granted. I learned that just a little, like basic needs, and family is enough for them.
I learned that by keeping myself from the distractions of everyday life, helping the community, and by praying and asking God for help I can remain a fully devoted disciple of Christ.
What did I learn about my Christian calling? I learned that I enjoy serving others! Seeing their faces when their home is done and how thankful they are when we give them the keys. In the end when the family makes us a meal to thank us for our work I believe this is where I should be…helping others.